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Who WE

Wedding is an important aspect of Indian tradition. After marriage LIFe revolves with or around the partner, we choose for life.

Everyone is different in their taste and the approach towards each other. Likes and dislikes differ person to person but mostly it depends on the expectation.

We can ‘Make Living A Better Experience’ if we understand the expectation and match it perfectly. Vivaaha World stand by the values of ‘Make Living Better’ that’s our motto.

Vivaaha World is one of the traditional matchmaking matrimonial company (Matrimonial Agency) in India. Though we’re online but serve personally like marriage consultants in your area with vast matching profiles.

We trust in our traditions hence we take up this important step personally. We talk to you for understanding your requirement better and then start finding a right partner for life. We carefully handpick profiles that are most suitable for you and schedule meetings if mutually (both bride & groom sides) interested.

Seasoned professionals with more than a decade of experience in matchmaking services. Vivaaha World is an independent vertical of Trance Home India Services Private Ltd. We’re known for Make Living A Truly Better Experience with our service standards. Express your desire so that we would strive to make it come true.